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Settings for this game

Game Setup
Enable Slay Other Players 1
Player Fights per day 3
Days that new players are safe from PvP 5
Amount of experience when players become killable in PvP 1500
Clean user posts (filters bad language and splits words over 45 chars long) 0
Amount of gold to start a new character with 50
New Days
Player must have fewer than how many forest fights to earn interest? 4
Max Interest Rate (%) 10
Min Interest Rate (%) 1
Game days per calendar day 4
Extra daily uses in specialty area 0
Bank settings
Max amount player can borrow per level 50
Are players allowed to transfer gold 0
Max amount player can transfer per level of recipient (if transfers are enabled) 25
Minimum level a player has to be before they can transfer gold (if transfers are enabled) 3
Total transfers a player can receive in one play day (if transfers are enabled) 3
Max amount total a player can transfer to others per level (if transfers are enabled) 25
Forest Fights per day 10
Forest Creatures always drop at least 1/4 of possible gold 0
Mail Settings
Message size limit per message 1024
Limit # of messages in inbox 50
Automatically delete old messages after (days) 10
Content Expiration
Days to keep comments and news? (0 for infinite) 90
Days to keep accounts that were never logged in to? (0 for infinite) 1
Days to keep level 1 accounts with no dragon kills? (0 for infinite) 10
Days to keep all other accounts? (0 for infinite) 45
Seconds of inactivity before auto-logoff 900
Useful Information
Day Duration 6 hours
Current game time 8:27 am
Current Server Time 2018-02-18 07:06:51 pm
Last new day 05:00:00 pm
Next new day 11:00:00 pm (03h 53m 09s)

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Strážkyně - adept pomenka
Strážce - adept Janik
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